Our Customers

Our Customers and Partners


  • Puerto Rico’s Department of Health
  • Panamá’s Social Security Department (Caja del Seguro Social de Panamá)
  • Puerto Rico’s Workers Compensation Corporation


  • Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico
  • Ponce Health Sciences University School of Medicine


  • St. Luke's Episcopal Health System
  • Metro Pavia Health System
  • Mennonite Health System
  • Doctors Center Health system
  • Manatí and Mayagüez Medical Center
  • Correctional Health System
  • San Carlos Borromeo Health System
  • University of Puerto Rico Hospital
  • Hospital De La Concepción
  • Damas Hospital
  • San Jorge Children’s Hospital
  • Wilma Vazquez Medical Center
  • Yale New Haven Health System

Insurance Companies:

    • MMM Healthcare
    • Triple S (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Puerto Rico)
    • MCS


    • Microsoft
    • Diameter Health
    • International Medical Equipment and Services
    • Richardson Electronics
    • Parts Source
    • Stryker
    • Omnicell
    • ECRI (Regional Partners)