Our Qualifications

Since 2011 the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification has been awarded to CIRACET’s Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Division. This recognition comes as result of all efforts and dedication during the implementation of CIRACET’s Quality Management System.

“Achieving our Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2008 standard not only validates the commitment that we have as a company to the care of the patient, but it also assures our customers that our company is always seeking progress through a methodology of value that focuses on the detail in all that we do”; said Eng. Oscar Misla, President of CIRACET Corp.

During our 2014 recertification, all consulting services provided by CIRACET were included as part of our quality management system. “The challenges that we overcomed are part of our commitment to the continuous improvement process; including not only maintenance management services but also all consulting and engineering services in our recertification is one of the biggest milestones in our careers.”; said Eng. Noris Torres, Vicepresident of CIRACET Corp.

“The commitement to our Quality Management System is of utmost importance, we are working under guidelines recognized at the international level. Our certification assures our customers their business continuty and reliable services of the highest quality.”; said Eng. Zennia Ramos, Quality Manager at CIRACET Corp.

On May 2017 we validated our commitment as a company to provide our highest level of quality in every system and process we manage, receiving once again the prestigious certification ISO 9001: 2015.